The building is listed and considered a cultural heritage in Nice. The story of this beautiful property turning into a Bed & Breakfast started with love at first site. We stepped into the beautiful apartment and what we saw was wonderful and beautiful. The largest room in the property, which is now our Rondo Veneziano Imperial Suite, had a ceiling that made our hearts skip a beat. And the view, overlooking Place Masséna was stunning. This love at first site came to life March 2017 and a little over year later we had opened the doors to ABA Luxury B&B. We have a great love for historical buildings, art, antique furniture, true craftsmanship and quality products. We intend to express this passion by presenting this exclusive project and share with the world.​

Welcome to the very epicentre of Nice - Place Masséna!

ABA Bed & Breakfast has striking similarities to a five star hotel in terms of room organisation, decoration, amenities and standard all of high quality and luxury yet it give you the privacy of a bed & breakfast. This is a place to relax, sleep in or have an early breakfast, a late dinner and listen to music on the gramophone, enjoy aromatherapy and chromotherapy. The ABA Bed & Breakfast is created to make you feel like a King or a Queen, combining modern commodities with the imperial interior design chosen and decorated by in Italian interior design & construction company. They have managed to bring out the glory of the famous Belle Époque and integrating it with fine style of fine Italian design. Each suite has its own specially designed fully equipped kitchenettes, private bathroom and with a variety wonderful of amenities.